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András Hushegyi - Vocals, guitars

János "Johnny" Hushegyi - Vocals, guitars

Krisztián Brunczlik - drums



Train to freedom - 2013

The Butchers - 2015

Train to freedom - reedition - 2018

Wounds EP - 2020

Hope EP - 2021

New singles - 2023-2024




The Butchers was founded in 2012 by Hushegyi (András and János) brothers in Šamorín (Slovakia). The band in the beginning played only blues-rock cover songs (Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton etc.) and later they started to write their own songs.

First the group played as trio with János on bass guitar. In 2012 Bartha Tomas joined the band as the new bass player and the group transformed to a quartet with János as second guitarist.


In 2013 the band released their first, self-made album Train to freedom. This album was made with a very limited budget and it was available only in Slovakia. In 2013 The Butchers decided to replace their drummer Petrakovič Zoltán,  Ladislav Šebo became the new drummer.

In 2015 the band recorded their second, self-titled album. This album is a braking point in band music style, it has some experimental songs and a certain shift from blues rock roots is noticeable. The recording of second album wasn´t ideal, which had its mark on he final sound of the whole record.

After recording the band decided to end work with Ladislav and find new drummer.


Andrej Jošt became the new drummer of the band and with his arrival the band started one of it´s most successful year.

In 2016 The Butchers played many shows at home and in neighbour countries. The most memorable show was in Poland, on Suwalki Blues festival, where they played as the only representative from Slovakia. At the end of the year the band celebrated 5 year birthday and 100 played shows at  local pub (Mozi) in Šamorín.


In 2018 Andrej Jošt decided to leave the band, due to family reasons. Mucha Attila joined the group as new drummer and a long time fan of the band. With arrival of Attila the music style of the band started to shift towards stoner / heavy rock music.

In 2019 the band recorded 12 new songs, which were released as two separate EPs. EP Wound contains more heavier and stoner rock style songs and EP Hope has more subtle, blues rock style songs. These two EPs became on of the most successful recordings of the band. 


2022 brought big changes into the band. Beginning of year the band started preparations for the new recording. In Spetember 2022 Bartha Tomas decided to leave the band due to heath issues, he was replaced by Zoltán "Yoda" Csizmadia. In early 2023 the band decided to finish co-work with Mucha Attila, due to his shift in priorities. 

Krisztián Brunczlik became the new drummer of The Butchers. Krisztián is a long term friend and fan of the band.

In May 2023 The Butchers was back in studio to record 8 new songs.

After 1 year of playing with the band Csizmadia Zoltán decided to leave the group. Without bass player, Janos and Andras decided to share the bass player role on live shows. The band is actively looking for new bass player. 

All recorded songs will be released as singles. Meanwhile new song started come out, first song was released in September 2023, It´s not my fault. The most special song is Kirobbanok, which is the band´s first song with Hungarian lyrics.

Cover photo from Train to freedom album 2013
Band in 2014
Band in 2017
Band in 2022
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